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Over twelve years in the online community have given me a good insight into how best to build effective sites and I'm using that knowledge to help clients.

Some areas of interest include:

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The simple approach

Building a site is easy - making it work for a commercial entity can be the biggest can of worms you'll every open.

I can help you define the service and evaluate the technical options open to you. I can then work with an agency to build the service that you expect amd make sure that it's delivered on time and to budget.

Firefighting and troubleshooting

Many project managers are multi-skilled. . . and one of my key skills is to step into business-critical projects that are severely compromised and turn them round into successful deliverables. I don't rant and rave, I don't tread on toes. . . I work with the delivery team, stakeholders, project board ad third parties to build a well communicating enthusiastic project team.

The open-source answer - continued?

There are a multitude of web-sites platforms available for little or no cost. But beware of the hidden costs.

o if you're thinking in terms of Drupal, Joomla, Wordpress, Expression Engine or any of the other flavours, give me a call and I'll talk you through my findings and what to be aware of.

Web development experience

My hands on knowledge extends to:

  • LAMP deployments
  • Wordpress sites
  • Drupal evaluation
  • CMS options
  • SEO strategies

Interested? Curious?

  • pete.berryman@btinternet.com
  • 07711 972 600
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