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Project management in a changing world

Since the early 90's I have focused on online developments, working with high profile organisations to use the potential of the internet to massively benefit their business models.

The key to working in this sort of environment is that you get involved in the broadest possible range of business components - from the visible online elements of the shop (ecommerce) and brand (online brochure), through invoicing and billing, editorial and publishing, legal and marketing, operations and customer support, networks and platform support.

Firefighting and troubleshooting

Many project managers are multi-skilled. . . and one of my key skills is to step into business-critical projects that are severely compromised and turn them round into successful deliverables. I don't rant and rave, I don't tread on toes. . . I work with the delivery team, stakeholders, project board ad third parties to build a well communicating enthusiastic project team.

The open-source answer?

Most businesses are considering moving some elements of their IT architecture to an open-source option. There are some very clear benefits as long as you take the time to consider and address the risks.

Having seen lots of businesses pour money into enterprise solutions that were poorly selected (incurring unnecessary costs), too heavily bespoked (incurring further costs) or not fully utilized (thereby recovering the full business benefit) - often to address requirements that could be effectively dealt with using smaller packages - I now feel that open-source options should be included in your strategic planning.

Technical project management

During my time in IT I have successfully managed

  • Data migrations
  • Open source solutions
  • Asset management
  • Content strategies
  • SEO strategies
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