About The Heavy Lunch Surf Team

Let the company name whet your appetite and curiousity. . .

The Heavy Lunch Surf Team Limited was set-up twelve years ago and has been providing project management consultancy to new media and online businesses ever since.

I have always been as hands-on as the role allowed, but I'm now producing and managing a series of sites, with a particular focus on increasing their SEO credentials.

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Welcome to the Creative Project Manager

Increasingly my interests and professional activities are converging, so it seems appropriate that I use the breadth of experience to enhance the benefits to clients and friends alike. This portal gives you an insight to me and my skills & background.

Agile meets Prince2 - Creating the modern project manager

As a project manager I have been working in an Agile style the early 90's - the idea of frequent and understanding communication with the team have always come naturally to me. I am Prince2 qualified, but have yet to find a commercial business that is willing to fully the methodology - my experiences of Agile suggest that the same applies.

My skill is taking a holistic view of the organization and the projects at hand, and applying the most appropriate elements of these diverse project methodologies.

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Find out more about me at:

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  • pete.berryman@btinternet.com
  • 07711 972 600
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