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A raw skill in creative arts combined with years of experience new media are combining under the banner Mombee Create.

I take the disciplines and standards of sound IT development and apply those to good design projects.

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Welcome to Mombee Create

Mombee Create gives me a container to isolate and evolve my design ideas.

It starts with a pencil

It's very simple - if you start with poor assets and apply poor skills, then no amount of Photoshop will produce good design.

Which I why I pride myself on good raw skills, whether that's pens & pencils, inks & watercolours, 35mm film or digital images.


Mombee came into my life eight years as my son's cuddly cow.

Since then he's developed a personality of his own and now encompasses our outlook on life.

Interested? Curious?

  • pete.berryman@btinternet.com
  • 07711 972 600
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