A passion for bikes

I love bikes - that's bicycles - and would love everyone to own and use a bike of their own.

I'm particularly keen that kids get cycle-active and dads are fit enough to cycle with their family - and want to ensure that they all get the sound advice that they need.

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Malmesbury Bikes - A club of sorts

A small group of Malmesbury dads get out on their bikes on a weekly basis and try to fit in a few longer trips a couple of times a year.

Dads 4 Life

"Dads for life" or "Dad's for life" - simple difference in the grammar but both represent everything that I stand for. As a parent I feel that you have a responsibility to yourself, your kids and, ultimately, your grandchildren to stay in shape. I have two boys and, in twenty years time, I want to be kitesurfing and tearing round on bikes with them. It would be very easy to relax now, while they're young, but I question whether I'd ever recapture the levels of fitness that I need.

A bike for all seasons

Like my work life, my interests spread across a wide range of bikes. . . my mother would tell you that it's because I'm a Gemini. . . I prefer to think in terms of having a general interest.

Just to prove the point:

  • A hybrid - a true family workhorse
  • A mountain bike - 15 years old, but still fantastic
  • A race bike - the best way to cover the ground quickly
  • My grandad's bike

Interested? Curious?

  • pete.berryman@btinternet.com
  • 07711 972 600
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